So I finally got the chance to work with JUSTINE GODFREY!!! OMG! I think I first saw a couple of her pics from my friend Jordan's portfolio and I knew I wanted to work with her. I had her as a friend on FB and would see her new pics, etc. But that was about it. Then a few months ago, I filmed Angela's farewell video where I formally met Justine. She was the sweetest person ever. Justine is a good model, and a great person. She's down to earth and sooooooooo nice. I love it! Can't wait for our future projects together.


A couple of weeks into the year, I messaged Tyson asking him to collar on this B/W concept I wanted to try. Messaged back and forth, looking through model's ports, and he finally suggested Justine. I was trying to play it cool, but of course I definitely wanted to have her model. Tyson ended up pulling Cassie on board which all worked out! In Justine's words: "it was fate."

I pulled Kecia on board, she pulled Nathalie, I asked Brice, Scott and DJ; we finally had a team!

The shoot was amazing, I had so much fun and the team did an awesome job. Their individual talents and love for the game really made a big difference!

Also, a special thanks to Robert Tolentino. He wasn't there physically himself, but a lot of his stuff was. Thanks for always lending things to me.

Thank you again everyone for the amazing opportunities.

Enjoy the video, stay tuned for pics.

- Andrew

Model: Justine Godfrey
Stylists: Tyson Joines & Cassie Louie
MUA: Kecia Littman
Hair: Nathalie Kim
Lighting: Brice Kurihara, Scott Shiroma & DJ Ramos

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