"Connected Walls" - A new way on the web for engaging communities towards solidarity and new perspectives of dialog

During 2 months, « Connected Walls »,
a documentary webproject,
will bring the audience in 3 different areas separated by walls:

the border between Mexico and USA;
the wall between Israël and Palestine;
the fence separating the Spanish enclaves Melilla and Ceuta
from Morocco.

3 border film crews,
each of them composed by 2 young local directors
living on each side of the border,
will have to accomplish their mission:
co directing every 10 days
a short 5-minute-documentary,
with « their » wall as backdrop.
The weekly themes of these short movies
will be chosen by the audience,
but also judged by the same audience.

In parallel of the challenge
the videasts and the audience
will confront their point of views
on a common platform in order to leave traces of debates
which are reinforced as the project goes along.

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