Norma Kamali OMO Fall 2012 Collection: Fashion and technology are so much my passions. When I think about what I have seen over my 45 year career and what has the most meaning today, the idea of timeless style still raises the bar for me.

I love creating new looks and designing styles in a way that will have relevance in any wardrobe for a very long time. My desire to express myself creatively is measured by whether or not the style is timeless. Sometimes I get it right with the Sleeping bag Coat, the parachute styles and the jersey multi-style dressing that I designed in 1974. All are still a part of my offerings today.

My Fall collection is the first time I have looked back in a long time and it is a nod to the most timeless, modern decade in my estimation, which is the late thirties.

1939 was a year that spawned films like Snow White and the Wizard of Oz. There was the world's fair that looked way into the future with real insights into a lifestyle we take for granted. Then there were Cary Grant and Carole Lombard, who would still be considered fashion style powerhouses. Their wardrobes could walk any red carpet today, and the hair and makeup styling would fit beautifully into any brand campaign.

This season, I also looked forward by using the timeless influence of the late thirties and put looks on girls that are energetic women of our time. Add a playful gesture of a pom pom turban with fingerless gloves, and the soundtrack to Imelda May's "Big Bad Handsome Man," and you are having a good time. Add another layer of fitness and good health and then you are timeless.

Norma Kamali

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