The future is here and it is online! My mobile device is my best friend and while it won't take the place of my guy or my doggie, Zeke, all three can be found in my bed each night. My love of technology and fashion made my choice to launch KamaliKulture a no brainer.

Everyone wonders what happened to the malls and why no one is in the stores- the way it used to be… Well, retail online starts first with a social experience that involves recommendations, smart comparison shopping, evaluating virtually, and then shopping online with service, service, service so ultimately we are empowered.

I am excited about all of the opportunities we have in front of us in this age merging technology and fashion.

KamaliKulture is my online only collection of timeless styles, all under $100. Select sizes range from 0-18 and the collection includes jersey dresses, suiting and swimwear and will follow up with shoes, sleepwear, lounge and more.

This is the most exciting project of my life. KamaliKulture is a collection I wear, and my customers wear, and it is meant to be democratic, universal and global.

It is presented to women who have great style and no budget or a big budget and no style or any variation of that combo.

KamaliKulture is for women who want to be a part of the future; it is here now and the future is online.

Norma Kamali


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