Led Er Est unleashes a wave of icy synths and brutal bass bombs on a standout performance of "May." at Room 205.

To accompany the haunted, howling maelstrom of "May" (from the 2011 EP on Captured Tracks), enigmatic director Jared Eberhardt took inspiration from... well, frankly, Zuul only knows where.

Led Er Est was formed in early 2007 by Samuel Kklovenhoof and Shawn O’Sullivan. Drawing from the dire, aggressive textures of first-wave industrial music, the craftsmanship and ambiance of cold wave and post-punk, and the primal kinetics of old school house and techno, the project was initially an outlet for song fragments and delirious baubles. As their sound took a more structured turn, Owen Stokes was enlisted to bring an additional synth to the minimal electronic arsenal. The New York 3-piece, as reclusive as the snow leopard, was captured for this episode while on their first tour down the west coast. Thanks, gentlemen.


• YouTube: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC4EEUwd7e4mQ3oPcfQNUZnSeNvwgGjvB
• Vimeo: vimeo.com/album/2240473

• Flickr: flic.kr/s/aHsjyCfnn2

• SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/goincase/sets/led-er-est-at-room-205


Executive Producer
• Incase: goincase.com

• Arlie Carstens: disastercasual.typepad.com

• Jared Eberhardt: jaredeberhardt.com

Set Designer
• Tamarra Younis: union-of-art.net

Video Artists
• Brendan Harman
• Aurora Halal: aurorahalal.com

Audio Engineer
• Jon Gilbert: facebook.com/jonathan.gilbert.7796

• Aaron Farley: aaronfarley.com
• Jared Eberhardt: jaredeberhardt.com

• Forrest Borie: vimeo.com/forrestborie

• Arlie Carstens: disastercasual.typepad.com

Performing Artist
• Led Er Est: lederest.com

• Sacred Bones Records: sacredbonesrecords.com

Room 205 Theme Song
• Cora Foxx: theheapsf.com

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