Wyld Stallyons were commissioned by creative agency Ignito to produce a series of sponsorship idents of the Hardys wine brand. Working closely with Ignito we developed a concept that used stop motion with real people and included many costume changes to show that not everything has aged as well as Hardys!

After an intense period of planning and pre-production the spots were shot over two days at studios in West London with regular Wyld Stallyons Director of Photography Sarah Bartles-Smith.

Jason Arber / Chris Sayer



Wyld Stallyons

Animation Director: Chris Sayer
Artwork / Design: Chris Sayer, Jason Arber
3D Modelling: Chris Sayer
2.5D Modelling: Jason Arber, James Wignall
Animation: Chris Sayer, Jason Arber, James Wignall
Tracking: Chris Sayer
Keying / Roto: Ephraim Mwakandu
Compositing / Grading: Chris Sayer
Sound Design: Ben Cross (Foniclab)
Producer: Natalie Busuttil

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