Does the Vespa Special takes away the problems?

On the 3rd July , 2008 I decided to go on a long solo voyage across Italy.

The choice comes mainly out of curiosity – a need to know through my eyes use and habits of the italian population. who is going through a great period of crisis and change.

Sick and tired of this Italy, a peninsula in a sea of deception and shame, big brands and rubbish which in my future floats , I decided to go, leaving behind this country populated by people confusing and unreliable.

I wanted to discover Italy where you just need football, a Vespa and a bottle of wine to be happy and free, going through the countryside of cypress trees and sunsets over the sea.

Before leaving, I really wanted to find out for myself, if all those things were true. looking through the eyes of the people i wanted to discover how the social habits were changing.

I said to myself: why not go and see who they really are today? Are the Italians , those who always complain, or those that work hard every single day of their life.

I could meet people very willing to be photographed “la dolce vita”, or I just met so many distrustful people ?

So I took my camera without ideas, without prejudice and trying to forget those bad habits that were still sleeping in my “Eternal Tuscan Sun.”
Without knowing which people I met, I started taking photographs, to find an identity to the country that is tired of the usual pizza and mandolino
Does it’s true that the Vespa Special takes away problems?

Probably not, but crying while riding a Vespa makes you happier.

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