The Tail Block:
One of the most playful and tech board tricks out there.
Keep in mind that this is a low-speed jib, usually performed on a transition or in the flats (while you're waiting for your buddy that forgot his gloves in the car...).

The Crew at The Burton Academy loves this trick (we practice daily on the carpet and then out on our quarterpipe).

Remember The Steps…
- Practice a strong tail press with your back leg bent, and then focus on fully extending that back leg with out falling forward.
- Practice a quick hop, landing into the position with that posted (straight) back leg pressing the tail.
- Once you have that down, jump higher and pull the front knee up as you drive the back foot down.
** Remember, the goal is to sweep the tail forward and under your body, so that it stabs hard into the ground, centered under your core.
- Practice grabbing the topside edge of your board near the nose first. Then, as you build strength and balance with this trick, you can start grabbing nose without your hand slipping off.

Now... Power up that back leg, and Block it!

The Academy:
The Burton Snowboard Academy at Northstar is the only one of its kind in the world!
We strive to make snowboarding simple to learn and fun for everyone, utilizing highly-trained coaches, specially-designed terrain, unparalleled methodology, and a phenomenal learning facility to build the most interactive, fun and full-immersion learning environment ever created.
The Burton Academy at Northstar breaks down all aspects of snowboarding into simple, easy-to-accomplish steps that enable each of our riders to achieve their goals. Our goal is to help you learn to shred and fall in love with the culture of snowboarding.
We believe that snowboarding will change your life, and we hope you come give us a chance to help you learn to shred!


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