En Repúblika Sonora, grandes nombres de la escena musical actual tienen la posibilidad de conocer, hablar y tocar con los maestros de la música colombiana que los influenciaron. El encuentro es un pretexto para hacer un merecido homenaje a estos legendarios artistas, mostrando el legado que dejaron a nuevas generaciones de intérpretes, y desarrollando un entretenido intercambio de saberes y "sabores”, entre antiguos y nuevos valores de la música colombiana.

[ENG] The talent and the significance of idols will be transmitted to new generations, helping to give them relevance in the country’s musical memory and present.

In Repúblika Sonora, big names from the current music scene can meet, talk to and play with the Colombian music masters that influenced them. The meeting is a pretext to paying deserved homage to these legendary artists, showing the legacy they left to new generations of performers, and developing an entertaining exchange of knowledge and "flavors" between old and new values in Colombian music.


Repúblika Sonora is a documentary series framed within the universe of Colombian music. Within it, the great diversity of musical expressions in Colombia is explored from a current documentary perspective, interlaced with history and video clips.

The series will have a direct documentary language, in other words, two cameras that record actions (shoulder-mounted camera with possible quick reframes), mixed with interviews. A production type that is similar to the language of reality TV programs. In each episode, we would accompany our guest (the band or artist) during the journey they undertake to make the dream of meeting their musical idol come true. During this process we will share their expectations, their experiences and we will also hear their story. We will understand the reason why the idol in question is such an important influence in their work. The journey's destination is a place near to the idol, chosen by them, where we will be able to get to know them in depth, and where based on their surroundings and the stories, we will delve into the person and their importance in Colombian musical history. The subsequent meeting will arouse an exchange of anecdotes, techniques and melodies that will complement the profiles of both stars (guest and idol), and will prepare us for the grand finale, a special presentation where each will interpret their hits and in which they will also share the stage to create a fusion of music and experiences. The musical coming together represents the central idea of the series: a moment to share, pay homage and enjoy.

Description of the project:

Repúblika Sonora is a space for exchange between old and new music values. Each episode has two protagonists, the guest band or artist, and their idol within the Colombian music universe. The guest will be an artist or band with a profile of urban music, young and with a high degree of recognition. The profiles of the idols can be divided into two types: first, big idols from Colombian music (still present in the collective memory), where the program's task will be to delve into and humanize the person; and second, great masters that are becoming forgotten, where the task will then be to highlight and rescue their work, to give it the deserved importance. In the event that the idol is dead, or isn't in a condition to participate in the program, a group or performer close to him or her, which keeps their legacy alive, will play this role. The meeting of these performers is the trigger of the content, the pretext to delve into the lives of each person, into the characteristics of their work, and thus learn more about Colombian music.
The exchange will generate a conversation that ranges from the anecdotal to the technical, always with a music-based theme, and always seeking to go into depth on the people, their music and having a good time while sharing. These are the stories and sensations that we want to transmit to the audience: a fun moment about the people, their story and above all, their music.

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