My first venture into Kinetic Typography. For my Motion Techniques class.

After seeing a lot of the audio of the kinetic typography pieces that are online, I am surprised that no one has used a Marx Brothers skit (at least to my knowledge). The Marx Brothers seem so suited for kinetic typography: fast-paced and snappy dialogue
lots of puns to illustrate
funny and fun
demands to be stylized

It makes me wonder why there aren't more Marx Brothers-related kinetic typography pieces.

Anyway, I made the images and title card in Illustrator. The effects and animation was done in After Effects, all by me. Oh, and I designed the typeface of the main title myself. Yay me. Groucho's voice uses Lithos Pro Black, and Chico's voice is ITC Beesknees.

The audio is from the movie Horse Feathers (1932), from the password scene, obviously. All credit to Paramount Pictures and to the Brothers, yo. SCAD 2011

Another one from my youtube account. Apparently, this has garnered some ever-so-slight buzz. Huh,

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