The Astrobase Project Promo (180", English)

Check also 60" version here:

The "Copernicus" Astrobase Project is developed by the Marshall's office of Kujawsko-pomorskie voivodship, Poland.

As a result of the project cofunded by EU funds, the network of 14 school astronomic observatories has been built encouraging young people to get a bit more interested in science and the sky above us.

Learn more about the project at:

LookyCreative together with Jesion Brand Nature created this short image film intended to accompany the presentations of the project by the Marshall's office.

Although this kind of film should be actually produced over much longer period of time, the photography was completed during 2 shooting days in locations at Radziejów & Gniewkowo, Poland.

Production: Jesion Brand Nature
Executive production: LookyCreative

Director: Patryk Kizny
Cinematography: Aga Gonczarek & Patryk Kizny
Edit: Aga Gonczarek
Animations & Music: Mateusz Zdziebko
Color Grading: Patryk Kizny

Motion control shots executed on DitoGear OmniSliders.

Shot in September, 2011.

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