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2012 Airush Varial X - Generation Next

An absolute fusion of two of our best selling models, the Varial X combines the direct C-kite feel of the Vapor X with the predictability, depower, and 4-line ease of the Varial.

Weighing heavily on the acclaimed Vapor X kite, the Varial X is a true stand-alone kite in a class all by itself, offering massive depower and C-kite performance in a 4-line kite.

Dedicated to riders who don't want to be limited to a certain style of riding, the SL-C concept allows the rider to choose the style and discipline of riding as they see fit with a kite that offers limitless possibilities to each and every session.

Bram Bast
Dioneia Vieira
Leonard Rose
Toby Bromwich

Additional Camera:
Bas Koole

Bas Koole

Gold Panda - Marriage Star Slinger Remix

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