The premise of my piece is to explore how seeing a familiar environment or object or human can become re-seen and really seen through a new framing. By taking an observers position, observing our own observation, we might create a clearing, an opening in which we can become aware of “how we see, what we see”. By seeing we are able to study seeing in itself, and in the same time be in a critical distance to what we thought we already knew.

This performance piece proposes various light compositions in the theatre space; illuminating the space, its details, and the illuminating frame in itself: the space, the contained objects and the light are mutually producing each other. Directing our continuously shifting gaze and thereby producing movement in the body (which follows the gaze) resulting in a choreographic relation to the context. By using and playing with the physicality of light and the conventions of theatrical lighting to frame anew what is viewed as familiar, this piece suggests that material objects, observers, operators and even lights themselves always operate as frames that are framed by the others in a performance.

By Yair Vardi
Dramaturgy and contribution: Ariel Efraim Ashbel
Mentors: Jackie Shemesh, Thomas Plischke
Text Editor and artistic development: Keren Ida Nathen
Music and text:
“The Perfect Human” by Jorgen Leth, music by Hening Christiansen
“Eine Alpensinfonie” Op. 64: Night, Sunshine by Richard Strauss

Ufer studios. Berlin Jan 2012

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