This is a tribute to our cat Ginger, who recently passed away after 17 years. The thumbnail image above for the video was taken during early morning hours. It's a memorable moment played out every day where Ginger would hide behind the back of her favorite chair and peek out at me. Every day she would run over to that chair and begin her hide and seek ritual with me. Ginger was full of mischief.

When we first saw Ginger at Northeast Animal Shelter seventeen years ago, my two daughters fell in love with her big eyes and beautiful orange coat. We knew right then and there that she was "The One." But when we brought Ginger home, we quickly realized that none of us in the family knew anything about taking care of a cat. So while researching about the best way to care for Ginger, I decided I would produce a "how to" video about kitten care. For kids. A video that would not only teach kids how to care for their new kitten in a simple step by step manner that kids could understand, but one that would also be hosted by kids. And since my two girls grew up with a camera regularly shoved in their faces by their photojournalist father on a daily basis, who would be better suited for the job?

I wrote a quick script and started shooting right away, doing take after take of the girls in front of the camera, trying to hang on to an ever squirming Ginger (see the bloopers in the end credits).

Your New Kitty had a nice run in pet stores and online for a few years:

Recently Ginger started to slow down. She had always been a very active little devil. Not a fat cat. Tip top shape for an older cat. But suddenly she seemed run down. Tired.

The vet told me that by instinct cats will never let you know when they are ill. It's a defense mechanism they use to ward off predators that may sense their weakness. Ginger's final days were spent quietly at home. She would not eat or drink. When we took her to the vet they said her kidneys were not functioning and it would be best to let her go. During the final moments of her life I looked her in the eyes, petting her gently between the ears and under her chin. It's not easy to let someone go. First time for me.

Adios Ginger. You were truly a star. You were "Your New Kitty."

This version has been cut down considerably for the web, but the memories of sweet little Ginger as the star of the "Your New Kitty" video will always be with us.

Sorry for the 4x3 format and the horrible interlacing artifacts in the movement.

Shot on an old Sony Hi8 camcorder
Edited on Avid Xpress
Talent: Ginger the kitty along with Coree & Taylor Macomber

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