"At that time it might be hard to accept from a woman who among other things, he preached about nudism and nature.

Today already say that Luz del Fuego was a pioneer, the first truly liberated women in Brazil.

The young woman who despised the important family name to get away with a circus trapeze artist and then the rest of life scoffed at the customs and traditions that considered hypocrites.

She died 14 years ago murdered on the island of sun a former nudist camp where two fishermen, thought, like most people, they would find an environment of many orgies, great sex and lots of money, but there was only one woman of 50 years old, a lonely dreamer, naked and finally won.

Today, these scenes are very rare for a documentary in 1949, the dance of Luz del Fuego an invitation to the imagination of thousands of men in love with her. "

Island of the Sun Tapuama Inside-in Guanabara Bay near Niterói (RJ)

Music by Alcione Cibiac - Dream for Me

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