Capula is small mexican pueblo famous for its handicraft production of ceramics, unique for its quality and aesthetics.
Hundreds of potters in the town are a great example of a local production that survives the economic and industrial changes, imprinting every piece with their culture and traditions.
Their ceramic production is characterized by the hand-painted dots that decorate the surface of the objects they form with the potter’s wheel; the dots are abstractions of the black cherry blossom that grows in the region.Another intriguing character that is present everywhere in town, is the Catrina, the sculpture representation of death that is celebrated rather than feared in Mexican culture. This art-objects were created by Juan Torres in the early 80s, inspired in the Catrina Diego Rivera painted on a mural at Bellas Artes palace in Mexico City.

I took this video during my trip in Mexico as documentation for the thesis project of my friend and designer Fernanda Piza (, in which she proposed a methodology to fuse designer’s and artisan’s work.

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