"Vanity of Hatred": A short Film by Murray Turpin and Chris Saunders

Brief Synopsis

"Vanity of Hatred" is a short film Shot in a first person Q and A Documentary Style. It is an investigation into the world of extreme polarised race hate. At its simplest core it explores a statement(below) via theoretical research (socio,racial and political), in situ: experience,investigation, research, questioning and then the visual representation/reconstruction thereof via film. It aims through reflection to expose the futility of extreme Racism by highlighting the fact they are unto themself a mirror for one another.

"If all you see is a racist? I'll give you a racist?! are you a racist?" - constructed(Re - enactment) documentation into the futility of polarised race hate.

Our goal was to insight change via the very act(Racism) that inhibits mutual communication and collaborative growth and hopefully expose the futility and in some cases bring to light the hope of mutual “correction”,communication, empathy and understanding that may ensue with a simple open eye, ear and mind.

Written & Directed by Murray Turpin & Chris Saunders

Art Direction and Theoretical Development By MJ Turpin
Director of Photography Chris Saunders
Produced by MJ Turpin
Edited by Mathew Stonier
Sound Design by Tim Apter
Warobe & Location Bee Diamondhead
Subject A. Jade van Sandton
Subject B. Robert Machiri
Special Thanks kudzanai Chiurai

A TEAM UNCOOL production.

Entire show documentation can be seen here:


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