a film by Alberto Valtellina and Sergio Visinoni
a Lab 80 film production
duration 70', color, HD
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Several people’s stories are intertwined in the film. A diviner standing in the desert. A craftsman talking about fish breeding, and of carps especially, nothing less than a plague. The mojarra desnuda, a small fish breeding only in Meseta springs. The hydraulic works of Rio Negro, watering McCain’s potato fields, which supply McDonald’s restaurants with French fries. A mechanic acting in a classical sainete called El conventillo de la Paloma. The director of a museum claiming that “we, the white people, were ”almost” much more evil than the Indios”. A piano player leaving La Plata for a healthier climate. An agronomist fond of GMOs. An abandoned vineyard on the desert border, once cultivated by an Italian immigrant. A former building contractor for 30 years who is now a chacarero and paleta player. A former superintendent who knows how to cook carps…
This is life in Luis Beltrán, a tiny village on Choele Choel Island, Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina. The film tells it through its inhabitants’ words, blending everyday matters with complex issues such as ecology, the intermingling of public and private life, and the human search for a so called "lugar en el mundo".

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