Professor Yang Yao
Director, China Center for Economic Research (CCER), Deputy Dean, National School of Development (NSD), Peking University
February 22, 2012
7:00 PM
Kane Hall, Walker-Ames Room (225), University of Washington, Seattle Campus

China's economic growth has decelerated in the last quarter of 2011. Will China hit a hard landing this year? Has China reached a turning point to end its decade-long double-digit growth? Will income inequality trap China's economic growth in the next decade? Professor Yao will draw together international comparisons and China's domestic dynamics to provide answers to those questions.

Professor Yao currently serves as the director of the China Center for Economic Research (CCER) and deputy dean of the National School of Development (NSD), Peking University in charge of academic affairs and the editor of the center’s house journal China Economic Quarterly. His current research interests are in China’s export-oriented growth and its relation with the global economy. He has published many papers in international and domestic journals as well as several solely authored and coauthored books on institutional economics and economic development in China including Economic Reform and Institutional Innovation (Gale Asia/Cengage Learning, 2009), CSR and Competitiveness in China (co-author, Foreign Languages Press, 2009), and China’s Economic Reform and Growth (co-editor, Routledge, 2010). He is also a prolific writer for magazines and newspapers including Foreign Affairs and The Financial Times. In addition to his position in CCER, he has been a visiting professor in the University of Wisconsin-Madison, International University of Japan, Stanford University, Cornell University, and New York University.

He serves as an associate editor for Agricultural Economics and World Development. He is a member of the Peking University Academic Committee in Social Sciences, and also a member of the China Finance 40 Forum.

He was awarded the 2009 Sun Yefang Economics Award --- the highest economics award in China, the 2008 and 2010 Pu Shan Award in International Economics, and the 2008 Zhang Peigang Award in Development Economics. He was awarded the title of Best Teacher by the Peking University Student Union in 2006 and was named a Young Leader by the Nanfang People Weekly in 2008.

Dr. Yao obtained his B.S. of geography in 1986 and M.S. of economics in 1989, both from PekingUniversity, and his Ph.D. in development economics from the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, the University of Wisconsin-Madison in1996.

Sponsored by the East Asia Center and the China Studies Program at the University of Washington, Seattle

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