Step 1 - Bring two barrels into the room right before the hallway with the alien mines, leading to the Siamese bossfight (where you acquire launch).
Step 2 - Use SWAP to place a barrel in the corner near the ramp in the upper right corner of the room.
Step 3 - Go up the ramp and stand on the barrel you have just placed.
Step 4 - Use swap to stack another barrel directly on top of the first barrel.
Step 5 - Go up the ramp and stand in the uppermost corner
Step 6 - Swap the barrel you just stacked into that corner. It should hang on the upper ledge of the wall.
Step 7 - Go up the ramp and warp into the suspended barrel.
Step 8 - Warp out of the barrel, over the wall, and continue to the Siamese room.

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