40,000 pennies later.... he slept.

Here is the video promo I created for a launch of a new project arm of Savings.com. The brief was frightening. Client had 1.5 weeks till launch, minimum budget, and we had no footage of what we were trying to show in terms of the project being launched (as it hadn't taken place yet). I thought what was the most time consuming and hard thing I could do solo in the time allowed.... Stop motion!
After I left the meeting, I worried that I could do on screen what I just had promised the company I said I could. But alas, very happy with how things turned out.

So locked in my production warehouse with some generous extended light kit rentals (thank you boys), lots of caffeine and a large itunes library, I came up with this. 146 work hours over 9 days, 40,000 pennies and hundreds in silver coin, I present the labors of some stop motion love.

Enjoy and share!



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