Stories from the Grid - Episode 1: The Cone Snail

A short film about how a component of the venom used by the marine cone snail to hunt for food can help to create new painkillers.

Researchers are using grid computing to digitally modify molecules found in the venom. The grid allows them to run a lot of trial and error tests extremely quickly to look for the right molecular shape that will be the perfect fit for the pain receptors in humans.

'Stories from the Grid' is a series of three short films which explore how researchers from different scientific disciplines are using cutting edge grid computing technology to advance their work.

Concept: Ramses Singeling
Produced by: Hasse van Nunen, Miga Bär & Ramses Singeling
Director: Ramses Singeling
Camera & grading: Dick Harrewijn
Editor: Ramses Singeling
Motion Graphics: Max Italiaander
Music: Ben Spaander
Voice-over: Jon Webb
Sound Design: Iwan van Wijk

© Een van de jongens, 2012

Published by EGI, under Creative Commons (Non-Commercial, Atttribution, Non-Derivative)

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