This is a final year project. There are 3 people in this group. This video introduces our interactive game. The theme of this project is Environmental protection. Why we choose this Theme? Earth declining problem is getting worst. Therefore, we need to save the world & deliver this massage to the public.

The topic is about the world & natural environment, so the graphic style is simple, nature, colorful, happiness & comfortable.

I and my group members use Flash and Arduino technology together to make this interactive installation. Flash software includes mainly the game, video & sound. Arduino software & hardware only include in game controller. There are four mercury sensors & a button switch inside.

Our aim of this project is to increase the number of people concerning the problem of environment pollution in a new way. It is interesting, attractive graphic and has educational meaning. I hope People can learn environmental conservation concept from the game especially kids & primary student.

We spend about three month to finish this project. We start from think of idea, research & analysis, planning, graphic design, flash game design, make video, etc. I learned a lot from my group members in this project. We have lots of fun in doing this project, although we work a few days over night.

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