Marcello Mercado
transferring, storing, sharing, and hybriding: The perfect humus
Year of Production: 2010-2011
Country: Germany
Running time: 16'23"
Music by Marcello Mercado
Edited by Marcello Mercado
Produced by Marcello Mercado

Information culled from digital archives, the human genome, satellite feeds, and data banks comprise the cultural fertilizer that this work proposes. It questions the meaning of and the connections between information stored in all available media.

What do we store away with each passing second in our brains, on discs and servers, and the genetic code? What sorts of connections are generated by this content? Considering contemporary reality as a process of hybridization and appropriation, the work reflects on the relationship between digital archives, the human genome, satellite feeds, and databases, the amalgam that fertilizes the perfect humus.

database art, generative art, performance, bioart, action, sculture, network art, conceptual art, qr-code, archive, transduction, genetics, genome, DNA modification, ecology, ecosystems, mobil app, Net-art, digital, social space, twitter, youtube, public space, technology, appropriaton, audio, contextual, field recording, environment, inmersion, mappinginstallation, interactive art, media art, nature, phonetics, privacy, global, satellite art, public domain, science fiction ecology, sound art, surveillance, sustainability, transgenic

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