Winner of the 2002 Arizona Short Film of the Year from the Arizona Film Festival.

Romance is the story of Matt, and four relationships that he has with the opposite sex. First there's Nicole, the high school sweetheart. Then Toni, the sexy one night stand. Alexa's the model who wants only one thing from Matt. Lastly, Jamila's a college classmate who's got a secret.

This short film features the young acting talents of Adam Cardon, Amanda Krampf, Melissa Tanddino, Kristi O'Leary, Leanne Oates, Shane Dean, and Chris Hopkins.

The creative forces behind the film include Mark Jaggers, Chris Rogers, and Bryce Prevatte, with story and script help from Karl T. Hirsch and Rhea Crossland. Travis Rust was the editor on the project.

The movie was made in 2001, and was only shown publicly twice, at its premiere in Tempe, AZ on October 26, 2001 and at the Arizona Film Festival in 2002. At that festival the filmmakers also won the 2002 Filmmaker award of the year.

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