Dark, damp, bleak, shocking, suspenseful and disturbing was the overall theme and setting that Kirk Gaydon, Director of Photography was tasked with to film key scenes from Steven Smith's terrifying story 'Disturbance'.

"The distinctive look of this film is what drives the audience to fear".

Staring Bruce Payne (Passenger 57, Dungeons & Dragons), Jon-Paul Gates (Villains, Messages) & Giles Anderson (The Damned United) with superb performances throughout. Filmed over the course of a week, ReelDigital shot selected scenes from the working screenplay and edited into a trailer for promotional and investment purposes only.

Both a Sony EX3 and Canon DSLR cameras was used with 24mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses to create an enclosed, cold, damp space, which was the driving aspect of the production.

Editing involved using an image bypass effect usually used in film stock to remove bright colours and draw out the deepened, dark and shadowy image and increase its overall tonal quality.

'Disturbance' is a dark terrifying story of a truly evil spirit who seeks revenge on a family that live in a remote English country farmhouse.

The sudden death of their daughter brings the child's father to renounce his religious beliefs. A visit to the house from evil itself offering to bring their daughter back to them, deceives the family and ultimately has a devastating effect on things to come.

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