This is an extract from the RTE Nationwide Program on the Super8 Shots Film festival last July 2011.
The full program is available on the RTE player:

Kennedy’s work examines translations in material cultures across time and space. It charts a shopping trip to IKEA in Ballymun, Dublin and the purchase of an IKEA lampshade which was originally hand woven in rattan and bamboo in Vietnam for distribution internationally by the Swedish multinational. The lamp is then brought to Inís Oírr, the smallest of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. Subsequently it is unravelled and remodelled by Island Caoladoirí (basket weavers) into a lobster pot, which approximates a traditional/vernacular form. A further, more contemporary-looking pot is diligently fabricated out of other IKEA furniture. The two pots are then brought to sea and tested in the cold waters of the Atlantic by an Island fisherman.
Shot on super8, the film stages this encounter between material cultures and presents a folk fiction which at once pays tribute to David and Sally Shaw Smith’s seminal series of films Hands whilst at the same time corrupting and cannibalising the blond, flatpacked order of IKEA’s aesthetic.

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