Performance, 2011
Biennale Quadrilateral
OUT OF LEFT FIELD (Izvan Lijevog Polja) curated by Jovana Stokic
Rijeka, Croatia November-December 2011

Artist Film Sélysette
performance Principe di Montenevoso

Creating is a challenge. Going back to the Balkans is a challenge. Living outside of the Balkans is a challenge. Facing the past, living now and looking forward to a great future is a challenge. No political art in the Balkans is a challenge. No political art if you are born in the Balkans is a challenge. Art Personal is a challenge.
Conclusion: No Political Art! Art Personal!

Ashamed of being a child of divorced parents and of a broken and war torn communist country, ashamed of living in the West while the West is bombing my country, ashamed of being a poor child in the rich countries and of having the opportunities of the rich in the poor country, ashamed of my communist grandfather and a democratic jewish grandmother, ashamed of my “pionirka” photographs from primary school, ashamed of living in the West while my family is struggling in the East, ashamed for being misjudged as a trophy, capitalistic, consumeristic wife, ashamed for the Westerners that don’t know where Serbia is, ashamed of classical education as a contemporary artist, ashamed of being an artist, ashamed of never being good enough (artist) . . .

Still, artist is what I am and therefore it is my duty to share my inner worlds in order to invite others to, all together, create the universal.

In 1919 Gabrielle D’Annunzio, Italian decadent poet “conquered” Fiume and proclaimed it Cittá di Vita (A City of Life), probably the first and only total art republic that ever existed attracting guests and admirers from all over intellectual Europe. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the father of Futurism, wrote that in Fiume D’Annunzio achieved a “global revolution”, the one that invests, besides arts, in all the behaviors, tastes, passions and tendencies of a modern man. One more time, I am inviting to a creation of the total art republic in the Balkans, in Rijeka. Through the two works, a video entitled Sélysette (D’Annunzio’s alter ego) and a performance entitled Principe di Montenevoso, all opposits will meet in harmony.

I will be riding a black horse from the harbor of Rijeka, passing in front of what at D’Annuznio’s time was Palazzo del Governo, to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rijeka in a symbolic performance through which, for a brief moment, I will conquer Rijeka’s artistic grounds.
Marta Jovanovic

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