Jim Sharman, director of ANDY X in discussion with renowned film critic and curator Richard Kuipers.

In February 1987, American artist Andy Warhol checked himself anonymously into New York Hospital for a routine gall bladder operation. As he lay recovering from this standard procedure, the nurse who was meant to watch over him fell asleep reading a bible. Thus neglected, Andy Warhol died and entered the land of legend.

25 years later film-maker Jim Sharman, writer Stephen Sewell and composer Basil Hogios interweave verse, song and imagery into a unique and dreamlike 40 minute exploration of this great artist's life, death and legacy. With Andy Warhol every yes contained a no and every beginning an end. Welcome to the mysterious and wonderful world of ANDY X.

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On February 22nd 1987 - Andy Warhol died.
On February 22nd 2012 - ANDY X was born.


A cinematic seance on the life and death of Andy Warhol
Online. Worldwide. 22 February 2012

A Sunday Picture / ANDY X / Akos Armont / Sheridan Harbridge / Nick Simpson-Deeks / Gillian Jones / David Denis

Book, verse, lyrics Stephen Sewell / music, lyrics, soundscape Basil Hogios / screen adaptation, developed and directed by Jim Sharman

Full cast & crew credits at: andyxthemovie.com

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