HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED. Spent a good amount of time doing the sound design.

Sea glass is glass found in the ocean caused from pollution. The glass starts out as something very rough and due to constant waves crashing and tumbling the glass around, over time it becomes something very smooth and beautiful.


The design process is very similar to the functions of a funnel. We start off very broad (brainstorming, sketches, etc.) and we begin by roughing things out and over time we begin to narrow down and fine tune our design until it becomes something beautiful...at least we try to.. :)

An average college student starts school with a very limited skill set and knowledge about their field of study and over time we begin to fine tune our abilities and skill sets.

The essence of a "demo reel" is to showcase the skills and knowledge that we have gained over our 4 years of college.

This montage is a celebration of all of the above.

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