Added some more close-up tests using Jupiter 9 (85mm).
Just a quick test, filmed during my morning coffee, to see how this tiny Iscomorphot held up using diopters for close ups (its a Super 8 projection lens, which is fixed focus @ 4m).
Bit of a CC experiment - some bits worked some didn't (new revised CC on Timelapses).
Tried a new exporting workflow from FCP.
Timelapses done over xmas.

Morning Coffee:
Canon 60D
Isco-Gottingen Iscomorphot (S)8/2x Anamorphic
Diopters: Tokina +0.4, +0.5 & Sigma +2 (Various Combinations).
Helios 44-2 (f4), Industar 50-2 (f3.5) & Jupiter 9 (f4)
ISO 320
CINEMA Picture Style (3,-2,-2,1) & (0,-2,-2,1 - for J9)
CC: RGB Balance (Blue: H230, M90,B40)

Timelapses (5sec):
Canon 60D
Kowa for B&H 2x Anamorphic
Helios 44-2
CINEMA Picture Style (original settings)
CC: RGB Balance (FCP)

Aspect Ratio: 2.75:1

Music: Howe Gelb - Nail in the Sky (from the album 'Sno Angel Like You)

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