On Friday night 2 Chainz came graced teh stage at Warehouse Live in front of a sold out 1300+ person crowd that had so many openers that I honestly lost count. Although 2 Chainz got his start more 6+ years ago on DTP as Tity Boi, his recent success with his singles "Spend It" and "Riot" have exposed 2 Chainz to a huge new audience that can't get enough of him. It seems as if 2 Chainz is on every hit song on the radio right now, and for good reason after seeing the reaction from the blistering loud Houston crowd.

Even though there were 10+ openers I only had limited card space left after filming an event right before the show so I had to pick and choose who to shoot and I have been wanting to shoot Hoodstar Chantz and Propain for a while now so it was a perfect opportunity. I know about Hoodstar through Doughbeezy and a girl that I went to High School with and with the short time I have been exposed to his music I can tell he is a man that is really going to get somewhere in this industry, not many local acts can get a reaction out of the crowd like this man can. Propain even brought out Houston legend Lil Keke in the middle of his set and the crowd EXPLODED in applause. Big Boss E also had a short 10 minute set in which he brought out Bun B, Slim Thug and two of the most talented "dancers" I have ever seen, however, that is not in the video, I don't want the Youtube Police coming after SCKNOWS for a little creative half naked dancing.

Promoter: H-town It Girls and Kody P.


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