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Proudly presenting for the first time in Jersey, Direct from Chicago, USA

Rude Photo | X-Mix Productions | Chicago

The Royal Yacht

Saturday 31st March 2012

Following on from our hugely successful !CON!C event with Boy George, we are back once again to proudly present to you another one of the true pioneers of House Music, a man who has been around since the inception of Dance Music and a DJ that can only be described as a real Godfather of House.

In addition to our very Special Guest DJ, we are also being joined by some of Jersey’s finest resident DJs, playing everything from the best House Music through to Funk, Soul & Hip Hop.

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Room 1 – Celestial Hall




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Room 2 – Lazy Jack


Boogie Down Sounds

The Drift



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Two-time Grammy Award Nominee FELIX DA HOUSECAT brought electro to the masses with his groundbreaking album 'Kittenz & Thee Glitz' which included the UK top 40 pop chart crossover hit 'Silver Screen (Shower Scene)'. From his collaborations with P. Diddy, James Murphy (LCD Soundsytem), and Miss Kittin, to his remixes for Madonna, Marylin Manson, and Nina Simone, Felix continues to shape the sound of music today.

Look for his new remixes of Passion Pit, Uffie, and Mike Snow, and his new singles out on Rude Photo, Pryda Friends, and Spinnin. His new artist album 'Son of Analog' is out now on Mixmag and 'All Gone Ibiza '11 mixed by Pete Tong and Felix Da Housecat' mixed compilation is out now on Defected. Felix Da Housecat feat. Will.I.Am 'Burn The Disco' is out soon on Ultra.

In Chicago during the early '80s, the House music revolution grabbed Felix’s attention. For Felix, it centered around Chicago's 102.7 and the pioneering Hot Mix DJs. "I remember listening to Farley ‘Jack Master’ Funk, Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson, Micky ‘Mixin'’ Oliver, and Kenny ‘Jamming’ Jason," Felix says rattling off the city's House pioneers. By 14 he too was recording house music on his four-track. A school friend introduced him to DJ Pierre who he collaborated with on their classic house track "Phantasy Girl".

But Felix's tastes weren't limited to a single genre. His senior year he played in Uncut, a band with an R&B-like vibe. After graduation he enrolled at Alabama State and began making hip-hop. After two years in the Deep South (an experience he compares to “prison") he flunked out. In 1991, Felix moved into his parents' basement, studied audio engineering at Columbia College and worked at Eduardo's pizzeria. "It was rough," he says. "I hated those ovens and I kept thinking something's got to give."

What finally gave was Pierre’s once-in-a-lifetime offer. "Once I got to London and saw all those punk rockers," Felix says, "I thought `this is where it's going to happen.'" Armed with a box of DATs, Felix made the rounds. "It was crazy," he says, "I'd walk into a label cold, play a track, and they'd sign it!" He quickly sold "What's Love About" to Freetown Inc and "Thee Dawn" to William Orbit's Guerilla label and returned to the states with more money then he'd ever seen. In 1992 "Thee Dawn" became a European smash and Felix blew-up overseas. "I was producing a track a week for different labels," he says. The next year, the success of "Thee Underground Made Me Do It," and "In Thee Dark We Live," helped further cement his fame. The latter track, released under Aphrohead, was just one of Felix's many production aliases which would come to include Wonderboy, Rocketmann, Outerrealm, Thee Glitz and Thee Maddkatt Courtship.

Felix scored an album deal with Deep Distraxion in 1993 and dropped By Dawns Early Lite, one of the first full-length dance music artist albums ever. Unlike other dance artists, Felix didn't start DJing until midway through his career. "My first DJ gig was in London in 1994 and it was horrible," he says laughing. "I was train-wrecking all over the place." (Now, of course, with DJ of the year honors from Spin and Urb it's a different story.) In 1995 Felix started Radikal Fear records with European distributor Play it Again Sam. Between 1995 – 96, he made four full-length records Alone In The Dark, Metropolis Present Day? Thee Album, Thee Underground Made Me Do It and Rocketman.

In 1997, Felix released the import-only I Know Electrikboy by Thee Maddkat Courtship, an album that despite its limited release, earned Felix reams of fawning press. That same year he played Switzerland and met Miss Kittin and Dave the Hustler. "We got along great and went into the studio and got all silly," Felix explains.

The realization of their “silliness” was one of the most influential dance music releases of the past decade. ”Nobody expected it," says Felix of Kittenz & Thee Glitz's meteoric success, “but it just took off." It’s Moroder-indebted beats, funky synth lines, and insouciant L.A.-meets-Eurotrash vocals captured a moment in time when, after a period of political turmoil, people simply craved "endless pleasure in a limousine." In addition to adoring reviews in The New York Times and Rolling Stone, Kittenz won album of the year honors from Muzik Magazine and Dancestar USA.

Post-Kittenz, Felix has become one of the most sought after remixers and producers on the planet reinterpreting songs by everyone from the Pet Shop Boys to Kylie Minogue to Nina Simone. In 2003 he was nominated for Grammy Award for his mix of Rinocerose’s “Lost Love," released two mix albums entitled Excursions and Bugged Out and began working with artists like P-Diddy, who were eager to tap his prodigious production skills.

With all that said, one inevitable question remains, where did the name "Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever” come from? Felix being Felix, has an answer for everything: “Devin Dazzle is a character fascinated by the nightlife," he says "Every time he sees neon lights he gets the fever. But Dazzle has a friend named Neon Fever who’s a bad influence on him and is everything opposite of Devin.” So, might this be an autobiographical album? “It’s something personal” he says, “and I’m not gonna tell.”

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Entitles each guest access to all rooms of the event with the exception of the V.I.P AREA and pre event reception.

Standard tickets cost £25 per person

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As a V.I.P Guest you will have full access to all rooms of the event, there will also be a special raised area within the Main Room where you will be treated to the best view in the House, up close to our Guest Djs, together with your own private Bar and waitress service all evening. V.I.P Invitations are strictly limited

V.I.P Invitations are priced at £50 per guest

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The Royal Yacht Overnight Package


Check into The Royal Yacht on the day of the event, enjoy the facilities of the amazing SPA Sirene and prepare yourself for the ultimate night out, courtesy of Firethorn Productions.

At the end of the evening, make use of our residents lounge for that special nightcap or make you way upstairs to your stunning bedroom for the perfect night's sleep. Next morning, enjoy our delicious Sunday breakfast followed by a swim in our beautiful pool.

The overnight stay is priced at only £165 per room for two people staying overnight and includes use of the Spa facilities, invitations for two people to the event, VIP welcome drinks in the exclusive champagne reception, late night resident bar access, your overnight experience and full English breakfast. Much more fun than rushing to get ready and queuing for a taxi home at 2am!

Overnight packages entitles each guest to one standard ticket each, upgrades are available on request.

For further details please call 720511 to book and quote “ICONIC” to be eligible for this exclusive offer of £165 per room per night on a bed and breakfast basis.


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Invitations for this event can be purchased from the following outlets

The Royal Yacht Hotel Reception – T. 01534 720511

Tanguy’s – T. 01534 721949

Roulette Clothing – T. 01534 638003

White Label Records – T. 01534 725256

V.I.P Invitations for this event can be purchased exclusively from The Royal Yacht Hotel Reception

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Rude Photo | X-Mix Productions | Chicago

The Royal Yacht

Saturday 31st March 2012


‘All Gone Ibiza 11’ mixed by Pete Tong & Felix Da Housecat is out now on Defected’

'Felix Da Housecat "Son Of Analogue” new artist album out now on Mixmag’

★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★

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