Watanabe Sensei is well known in the Ikebana world as a key figure and teacher. On the surface, Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging, but as even I learned, it's far more profound than just decorations.

Over many, many decades she's been mastering and always pushing her creative limits, achieving international recognition and praise. She's taught countless students using her deep technical knowledge but what do her students REALLY learn from her?

She's more of an inspiring example of how to be genuine and kind, simply by being herself. As people consistently shared with me, she is a source of inspiration which brings out the best in everybody around her.

And she's 88 and thriving! Find out what keeps her going...

Full-length 45 minute Documentary Film coming soon:
Pure Beauty: The Life and Art of Seibi Watanabe Sensei

AV Artisan Productions



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