This is one of two versions of mine and Will Boesl's student film "Alan & Lloyd". The other is just this version, minus two fifths, with an abbreviated credits, and some small audio changes. Overall, the "Contest Cut" (which is what we call the other version) is far less superior and you aren't missing out on anything.

It's hard to explain what this is about. It doesn't have a main story, but a bunch of small stories. I guess it's about two friends hanging out in a car. There, that's enough of a synopsis.

An added note: The one thing I don't like about it, is that we had to film about half of it (the peanut guy story, the drivethru story, at Brian's shop, and the conclusion) on one day, and we chose the windiest day on the planet. We tried to do as much as we could with it, and for the most part I was satisfied, but the introduction to the peanut guy can get hard to hear, especially with mine and Will's aside. (more so my lines) Overall though, if I could just tone down the wind a little bit there, it would be exactly how I had thought it out as when writing, and this is probably my favorite thing I've ever worked on. (even though I'll probably look back on it in ten years saying, "What the hell?")

If you like it make sure you visit the web site put up at the end,, that's my website that I write and host a podcast for, and visit our myspace,

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