I was hiking off trail near the Stage Road Trail in the Mt. Diablo foothills when I heard some odd noises. This was about a mile up the trail from the Castle Rock trailhead, close to the man-made pond filled with tule.

I crept over a hill and kept following the noise in the underbrush. After a half-hour or so of walking for 20 feet and then stopping for a couple of minutes, I crept up on a group of feral pigs feeding in the thick leaf cover.

They were all little porkers. I've seen bigger pigs in the the Morgan Territory Wilderness, but that was just a fleeting glimpse before they ran away. I saw pigs once up in the Redwoods near Moraga, California, but they were a half-mile away. These Stage Road pigs somehow let me get really close.

I think these feral pigs are so used to hikers walking close-by that they have lost some of their fear and wariness of humans.

Anyway, this was pretty exciting for me. Hope you enjoy it.

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