On 25th January thousands of Egyptians gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, sparking what we call now the Egyptian Revolution. Only a few hundred meters far from the world-famous square, the people from popular neighbourhood Bulaq Abu el-Ela took part in the revolt, finding in demonstrations something more than a glimmer of hope. Through their voices, ‘Bulaq’ portrays their collective struggle against eviction and social marginalisation, whose destiny seems to be strictly intertwined with the hesitant fortunes of the Egyptian spring.

Directors: Fabio Lucchini, Davide Morandini
Cinematography: Matteo Keffer
Editing: Maurizio Montesi
Audio editing and Soundtrack: Gianmarco De Candia, Valerio Moscatelli
Library Pictures: David Chierchini, Caironichles
Colorist: Federico M. Tribbioli
Additional editing: Guido M. Coscino
Producers: Cristoforo Gaetani, Davide Morandini, Fabio Lucchini
Production assistant: David Chierchini
In collaboration with: One People Film (UK) Rossellini Film (ITA)

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