This immersive audio-visual experience created in collaboration with the composer Yuval Gerstein, sets out to explore carefully chosen Olympic sports from a fresh angle. A first hand delicate portrait of local London based athletes revealing a world to which fans do not normally have access to in the common television broadcasts and interviews.

Each athlete is articulated by three different complementary moments – Preparation/ Subjective participation/ Aftermath – where the subjective point of view is recorded with a GoPro (a small camera usually used in extreme sports) tied up to the athlete's body.

The piece weaves different sports together to complete a statement about the intimate personal/emotional/metaphysical inner world of the athletes involved.

Selected as part of the Road to 2012 project and first screened at the National Portrait Gallery of London on the 5th of August 2011 as part of ReAnimate Late Shift Extra, Under Your Skin was also shown on Live Site Screens acrross the UK during the London Olympic Games 2012.

Other info:
Format: HD
Running time: 8''
UK, 2011

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