All music by Dominik Johnson & Christos Andreou ©2012
To use or license our music please contact the publishers: Altitude Music
Project managed and produced by Dominik Johnson

I've just finished working on a series of Arabesque soundtracks with Film & TV composer Christos Andreou for Film, TV & Media productions. The tracks are a mix of orchestral, cinematic scores with live ethnic instruments blended in to give it a unique sound and flavour. Live orchestral strings and brass also feature in the tracks - as I'm a strong believer in the richness and benefits of using real instruments and players in music for Film and TV.

After months of preparing, composing, editing and arranging the scores - the first recording sessions took place at 80Hertz studios in January 2012. 80Hertz is a new world-class studio in Manchester owned and run by George Atkins. It has a unique live room with wonderful natural acoustics...perfect for my plucked instruments. The tracks were then mixed by myself and award winning film score mix engineer Jake Jackson at AIR Studios.

Other personal hired on the project:
80Hertz Studios - Recording Studios
AIR Studios - Mixing Studios
Pete Whitfield - Classical Strings
Jake Jackson - Mix Engineer
Hugh Davies - Brass
All HD film and photos by Mike Banks |

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