John Makay live at the Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham (UK) on 27.02.2012.


... Formed and based in Amiens in October 2004, John Makay is a guitar-drums duo who officiates in the category of "math rock" instrumental.
Their first self-produced album tells the autobiographical story of a superhero in the world perplexed. Magnanimous melodies backed by a rhythm unbridled, good intentions exult in concert, delivering a tribute to the music of the new continent, from the old felt.


More Than Conquerors formed in early 2009 and rapidly found community
acclaim in the bosom of their native Belfast; the quartet’s charms also won
them fans in acts such as: Jimmy Eat World, Feeder, Twin Atlantic, General
Fiasco, Fighting With Wire and Mojo Fury – shaping a super-tight live show
and garnering an enthusiastic, sing-a-long fanbase.


Seal of Quality is Nico from France.
Nico started making music under the moniker seal of quality in late 2006. He creates songs using Game boys, guitars, synths & a lot of stuff. The tracks are some kind of ode to the mighty god Vocoder he's dedicated his life to.

His plan is to conquer the known universe with sharpened harmonies and deadly rhythms.


New band featuring members from Grande Duke, Beyond this doubt are monsters and once there were dinosaurs.

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