This is Video Poem #1 from the play All the Indifferent Children of the Earth.

The action finds three women and one man compulsively dissecting the beauty and the monotony of the wonderful horror that is life. It’s as if four anxious, petit bourgeois strangers found themselves at 8am in the backyard of a mutual friend’s August retreat, a half-mile from the coast of Cherbourg or Seattle. Or it’s as if four precocious children were abandoned in a Math/Science Center on a rainy, late-autumn Saturday morning. Or as if people do theater, in 2012, despite…things.

Sarah Dahlen as Sarah
Kathleen Heverin as Kat
Daniel Kublick as Daniel
Hollis Witherspoon as Hollis

Light Design: Morgan Anne Zipf
Sculpture-Arts/Illustration: Abernathy Bland
Video Design & Video Direction: Asa Gauen
Text & Direction: Eric Bland

Kathleen Heverin
Narration: Daniel Kublick

February 18-March 3 2012
At the Brick Theater
Brooklyn, NY

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