a performance of Seven Meditator Transcriptions (2011), Adam Overton
performed 3/4/2012 by Adam Overton, Tanya Rubbak, Robby Herbst, Claire Cronin, and Ezra Buchla at Monte Vista in Highland Park, Los Angeles, as part of an event organized by John Burtle

. . .

Seven Meditator Transcriptions
for and after G. Douglas Barrett

The following transcriptions are partial realizations of G. Douglas Barrett’s piece, A Few Museum-Goer Transcriptions, except that they were made while observing a “meditation flash mob” at The Grove in Los Angeles, on Thursday, July 28, 2011. Those observed meditated silently from around 12:30–1:30pm, and then did a brief chant together a little after 1:30pm.

These transcriptions were performed as an experimental meditation, in tandem with the meditation flash mob.

Adam Overton
the experimental meditation center of los angeles

. . .

video recorded by Megan May Daalder

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