Diego and Sebastian are two teens, childhood friends, who reunite one summer, leading to a strong friendship while they get drunk, smoke marijuana and wander to different places looking for the meaning of life, sex and love.
Diego is discovering his fascination with Sebastian, through the photographs that he takes, while he hallucinates with characters who advise him through the television or appear in the middle of a deserted beach.

Directed by: Edwin Oyarce
Cinematography by: Constanza García
Production Design by: Andrés Sáez
Sound by: Luis Díaz
Produced by: Edwin Oyarce y Constanza García
Screenplay : Edwin Oyarce
Camera Assistant: Karen Veliz
Costumes : Edwin Oyarce, Andrés Sáez, Gonzalo Veloso y Rachel Harrison
Makeup: Camilo Saavedra
Art Assistant: Rodrigo Troncoso
Assistants: Delphine Lebel, Andrea López y Miguel Solano
Casting: Edwin Oyarce y Constanza García
Editing: Edwin Oyarce
Color Correction: Edwin Oyarce, Constanza García y Claudio Aguilar.
Image Post Production: Claudio Aguilar
Sound Post Production: Desonidodirecto
Music: Márgaro, Hank, Adrian Igual, Niño Cohete, Congelador, Evelyn Fuentes
Catering: Alicia Donoso, Julia Donoso y Laura Muñoz
Locations: Adriana Díaz, Luisa Valencia, Alicia Donoso, Jeannette Oyarce, Roser Fort y Centro Arte Alameda

A Terrorismo Visual Production
With the Colaboration of Escuela de Cine de Chile and Gitano Films

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