Audiovisual proyectado en La Balada del Cíclope Especial Festival Emergent en la Galería El Fotomata el pasado 9 de Febrero del 2012. Este trabajo fue seleccionado por El Cíclope Mecánico y el Fotómata en Emergent Lleida.


Since nearly 3 years, I’m spending time in Romania.
I’m travelling all around the country, most of the time I try to sleep in private homes.
I always go there during the winter when the days are short and work is missing.
This can explain the dark and heavy atmosphere but not without humor.
In my photography, there is often an important part of senseless or fantasy.
With a frontal and uncompromising approach, I like to break the visuals expected references in order to undermine rationality, often with humor.

Noroc is an essay about a country: Romania. A changing country, full of contrasts and unfortunately also one of the poorest in Europe.

Here is a more personal text of introduction. I write it during my trips. Stuff I have seen or heard.
You can use it or not or just some parts.

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