Episode 6 of Season 3.

Maddie wakes up on another normal day. Wakes up, gets dressed, eats breakfast, goes to school. Connor is already at work. But today she plans to spend the day with her two closest friends Nicole and Ryan. When Maddie asks Roxy for permission, Roxy starts idmediately reasurring that Nicole will come too, because she doesn't want Maddie to be with just a boy, for fear and worry... but why? After dropping Maddie off at school, she return home and watches T.V., with little Coda sitting right by her. Soon, Roxy falls asleep, and Coda runs away... When Maddie returns from school, she runs over to Roxy and wakes her up, hoping she can go play now. Roxy needs to make sure she does her homework first, so Maddie does it. Roxy talks to Coda, until she realizes he isn't there... Maddie comes down after completing her homework, and Roxy looks all sad. Roxy tells her that Coda is gone, and Maddie gets mad. Maddie runs away but Ryan finds her. He reasurres her that they will find Coda, and then Maddie gets happy. They go home, with Roxy pouting. Maddie apoligizes, and then a delightful surprise runs out the door. Maddie then goes to play with Ryan, and then Nicole shows up with some new friends.

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