The Oracle Station transcodes a device's incidental sound into text. Furthermore the Station also defines a particular device which is sensitive to the incidental sound of other devices. The Station allows a visitors device to affect the Oracle, the printer acts as a scribe to record the output of the Oracle. This station speculates on the possible futures we might have with our devices. The station provokes questions on the meaning of the residue of our devices ultimately driven by the question: If there is a hidden voice within our devices, what is it saying and who is it speaking to?

The Affection Research Lab has been created to develop Affection Stations and The Signal Archive. With the mission to become the seed of a device-affection development center and institution. ARL provides a counterpoint to today’s utilitarian computation culture and help to make affective computing more common. ARL fosters device-affection through the framework of the immaterial residuals and incidental sounds of our electronic devices, not through their surface features, determined outputs, or physical attributes.

The Stations are a collection of interactive experiences which listen and transcode a device's unique incidental sound -- electromagnetic radiation -- exposing them to be more than just as tools, toys, or gizmos but sources of greater meaning.



Grad Media Design

Copyright 2012 Salvador Orara.

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