Fido designed and produced the animatronic costume and fully CG replica of a benevolent yeti-like character from Tibet. The CG production consisted of 148 shots, roughly 8 minutes of animation of the furry digital character and diverse particle effects for this german feature film to be released in 2012.

Fido crew:
Creative director/VFX/SFX Supervisor: Kaj Steveman
Animation Supervisor /VFX Supervisor: Cameron Scott
Lighting Lead: Johan Gabrielsson
Compositing Lead: Daniel Norlund
VFX Producer: Claes Dietmann
VFX Producer: Thomas Deutchmann
Line Producers VFX: Hanna Bengtsson & Sara Waldestam
CG Supervisor: Cameron Scott
On set Supervisors: Daniel Norlund, Anders Nyman, Cameron Scott & Hanna Bengtsson
Animatronic Technicians: Niklas Hermansson, Fia Reisek & Oskar Wallroth
Animatronic Puppeteer: Robert Tygner
Workshop supervisor: Niklas Hermansson
Senior SFX Technician: Julian E Marsh
Senior Animatronic Design : Simon Williams
Senior Animatronic Design: Matt Denton
Sculptor: Shino Kotani
Fabricator: Liz Murray
Seamstress: Helene Söhr-Jonstam
Mold maker/Foam Technician: Oskar Wallroth
Fabricator Assistant: Fia Reisek
Senior mould maker / Senior foam: Per Steinar Hoftun
Sculptor: Eline Kumlander
Workshop Assistant: Lars Berg
Character Design supervisor: Kaj Steveman
Original artwork design: Rickard Engqvist, Staffan Linder, Marcus Forsberg & Cameron Scott
Concept Maquette: Magnus Eriksson
Character Modeling artist: Magnus Eriksson
Hair & Fur: Johan Gabrielsson
Texturing Artists: Anders Nyman, Johan Gabrielsson, Staffan Linder
Rigging Artist: Magnus Eriksson, Cameron Scott
Fur simulation: Anders Nyman, Timmy Lundin & Björn Svanström
Lead Animator: Cameron Scott
Animators: Andrea Kozakova, Miguel Fuertes, Robert Lehman, Moush Angre, Raoul Cacciamani, Maria Avramova, Staffan Linder
Lighting & Shading Lead: Johan Gabrielsson
Lighting Artists: Anna Hilding, Petter Bergmark, Andreas Bravin Karlsson, Anders Nyman, Björn Liljequist, Damir Filipovic
FX Artist: Timmy Lundin
Compositing Lead: Daniel Norlund
Compositing Artists: Tomas Näslund, Martin Borell, Andreas Andersson, Martin Malm, Pontus Albrecht, Karl Rydhe, Petter Ideström, Victor Sanchez
Matchmove Artists: Andreas Andersson, Jonas Wollmén & Björn Svanström
Matchmove Junior: Christian Särnholm, André Carlsson
Digital Artists: Petter Bergmark, Joakim Eriksson
Digital Artists Junior: Kristoffer Björnör, Stefan Berglund
DS Operator: Linda Öhlund
Systems Administrator: Thomas Ericsson

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