Crossing Quarters

a Nat Cursio Co. Project 2011

Crossing Quarters is a reverse-mentoring project which began in 2011 with the premise of flipping the conventional hierarchical roles that exist between dancer and choreographer.

So in this instance Fiona Bryant (aged 27) directs Natalie Cursio (aged 39) who directs John Utans (aged 51) who directs Don Asker (aged 64).

To round off this little chain of experiments Don Asker directed all 3 younger artists.

Fiona, Natalie, John and Don are all connected by a string of previous standard teacher/mentor relationships. This video is a taste of what transpired...

Music: Nils Frahm
Camera and Edit: Cobie Orger
Support: Arts House / City of Melbourne

(Earlier stages of this project with Fiona Bryant were supported by Lucy Guerin Inc and Dancehouse)

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