Ankur teaches her students to make self-to-text connections by tapping into their own experiences to form opinions about characters. She first models the strategy then has students use a graphic organiser to replicate what she had done during her introduction. At the end of the video, you can hear her students articulate the objective, how it connects to their big goals, and how the teacher track progress.

00:00 -- E-1 (Introduction to New Material)
08:33 -- E-1 (Read Aloud)
26:23 -- E-2 (Guided Practice)
35:01 -- E-2 (Teacher Provides One-on-One Support During Guided Practice)
37:49 -- E-2 (Guided Practice -- Student Interview)
40:24 -- E-6 (Data Collection)
41:21 -- B-1 (Big Goals)
43:30 -- I-1 & I-2 ("Bigger Goals")

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