When you think of Antigua, we are sure Honda's are not the first thing that comes to mind. Possibly the weather, or exactly where Antigua is may possibly be the first.
We arrived to see the Wadadli car meet completely oblivious to what we were going to expect. It was a 3 1/2 hour flight from Newark but 1320Don and I did not sleep the night before. I forgot my spare battery charger in the wall, so we left New York traveled a 100 miles to the Poconos at 3:30AM and arrived to Newark International around dusk. We were tired anxious and hungry.
So with that said our first encounter was Ramez and Cody. Ramez, is by far one of the coolest dudes I've ever met and owner of a legit FD2 Type-R. Cody is the head-honcho in Antigua, founder of the Wadadli meet and the "guy you need to know" on this island. Cody joked and immediately made references of the "FD2 Taxi" because Ramez drove us everywhere.
We chopped it up and I took pictures literally right outside the airport. The cops and everyone are extremely supportive with car enthusiasts. No problems, and encourage the movement (Completely foreign to us). The weather is 75+ plus, the rum is as very accessible and the beach and water looks like it's from the Corona commercials. We headed to the 92.5 radio with Antigua's very “Supa Dymond”. Very cool, funny and with, exactly what is needed in a radio personality. Also owner of an authentic four door DB9 Type-R.
We networked on Friday and decided to hit the town for the night. To our surprise, the local food is usually anything with beef and everyone is extremely friendly.  Saturday we decided to get up early and see Antigua for what it is, no tour guide. We reached the town, brought coconut water off the street. (Which is very common). drank some icee's and Presidente's. The area is diverse with an Lebanese and Asian community amongst locals, Antigua is ideal for any entrepreneur.
The roads are in opposite conjunction with the US and everything is RHD. The amount of Type-R's are incredible and extremely accessible., CTR's go for as low as 5K and Euro R's are the most popular. It's incredible to see everyone get along, there are no major shops and although the parts maybe more difficult to come by it is completely worth it !!
Sunday started early for us, we are accustomed to waking at 6AM for Honda Day or any event for that matter. Antiguans are so laid back, the event didn't really kick off until 5PM, it's common to arrive 2-3 hours late. Cody gave us a heads up of the "get there when we get there" mentality and the party didn't stop until about 11:00PM almost midnight.
All in all Antigua has some of the most dedicated, supportive, and friendliest enthusiasts you'll ever meet. Your dream car is accessible the cops are supportive and the weather is year round sunny. Wadadli was an amazing experience and the first of many visits to Antigua.

Filmed - Nikon D7000 | iPhone 4S
Filming: Sean Pana
Music: Chris Brown Ft. Benny Benassi - Beautiful People

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